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Animal Adventure Stories


LO-Create and describe two new characters


Starter-How many words can you think of that mean 'said'? Work through the power point below and click on the word that best suits to sentence. 

Today we are going to create two new hedgehog characters. You can either draw two hedgehogs, print the template below or make them out of play dough or clay. You will need these for tomorrows lesson. 

When you have created your characters, you are going to create a character profile for each of them. Try to make your characters different. Think about the Hodgeheg and how the characters in the story were different.


For each of your hedgehogs answer the following questions in your book:

-What is your hedgehog called?

-How old are they?

-How would you describe their appearance?

-What do they enjoy doing?

-What is their personality like?

-Who do they live with?

-Any other information about you hedgehog.