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Happy Friday Robins!



L.O.  Explore using the suffix er


Remember a suffix is the part of the word we add on the end.  The word must still be a real word without the er, (i.e. nearer would still be a real word without the suffix, but water wouldn't be a real word as the er is part of the word!)


Look at the words below.  Add the suffix er:











Now create some sentences using these words to describe the events in the Great Fire of London?  Tell them to your adult.



Next, write the learning objective and date in your book and underline.

Create at least four sentences  using the suffix er and write them in your book.

E.g. The fire was getting nearer and nearer.

Challenge  – can you include an adjective  and the conjunction -and.



Log into purplemash and select 2do. 

We have set a phase 5 activity for ay and ou to complete online.