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Starter activity: Use slide 13 of the pdf to investigate different sentence openers (sometimes called fronted adverbials).

Which ones will you use in your descriptive writing today? Set yourself a challenge. Maybe choose 2 from each column and see if you can include then in your writing. Some of them will already be familiar to you. You could choose one or 2 you have not used before!!

Then use your plan and the success criteria (below) to write your short story about the two hedgehogs. Remember to use inverted commas to denote speech.

When you have finished your writing, read through and check which features you have used from the success criteria. Then choose a sentence to improve by including one of the features you have missed out. Repeat this a few times until you have used all the features you are confident with. Remember to re write the sentences underneath the original piece so that the improvements can be recognised.

Note to parents: The success criteria attached is extensive. However these are the year 2 expectations and your children are familiar with them. Some children will not however naturally include all of the features as they write. They will have the opportunity to include some they have missed when they edit their writing.