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Good Morning Magpies!


Non Chronological report


L.O: Compose an introduction


Starter: Let's recap subrodination. What does this word mean? Read through the powerpoint below and spot the subordinating conjunctions in the sentences.

Today I would like you to compose an introduction to your non chronological report about hedgehogs. What do you think you need to include in your opening?


Here is an example of how to open a non-chronological report:


All about Pandas (remember your subheading)


Pandas are the national animal of China. They are distantly related to bears and are known for their black eye patches and their sensitive diet. There are two different types of panda, the giant panda is the most well known but the red panda also lives in the mountains in China. Most Panda's don't live in the wild because they are endangered and if they are not looked after could become extinct.


Use your plan from last week to help you write your introduction about Hedgehogs. Remember to introduce the text but don't give too much away! In the example above, it gives you a little bit of information about Pandas, but not too much detail. This detail would come in the following paragraphs under the correct subheading.