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Here is a game to help you recap the phonemes learnt so far with your child.


Select the graphemes that you want to recap over...

s a t p I n m d g o c k

Introduce the new phoneme 'e' to your child.

Jolly phonics song - E sound

Eggs in the pan, /e/-/e/-/e/. Eggs in the pan, /e/-/e/-/e/. Eggs in the pan, /e/-/e/-/e/. Crack the egg like this......./e/

Practise forming the letters you have learnt so far.

You could do this by playing musical bumps.

When the music stops they have to sit down and write the letter yous say. You could support them by writing it in pencil or a light colour whilst they trace over it.

You could make it harder by asking them to think of a word that begins with that sound.