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Good Morning J

 Hope you are all well and happy!!



Read and write the days of the week.

Do you notice the pattern? What is it? Tell your adult or a family member.


Main lesson


Today  I would like you to read the passage or your adult to read it to you. I would then like you to discuss it with your adult. What happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story?


I would then like you to write the answers down to the comprehension.


I have attached the comprehension questions and passage to the lesson.




For phonics I would like you to practise your phase 5 sounds using the you tube video. You may want to do the actions too!!


I would then like you to complete the phoneme spotter attached! (Don’t worry about printing the sheet off)

Phase 5 Sounds Song

Phase 5 phonics sounds with a simple melody. Children are learning the spellings using letter names and the sounds that these letter combinations make with s...