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LO:Add speech marks to a narrative

For your starter activity today you are going to add the speech marks to a piece of text.

Please log on to Education City where we have set a piece of homework called Rapid Rounders and watch the short video clip. This will remind you where to place the speech marks. If you are having difficulty doing this you can find the activity on Education City by going to -Subjects-English-All-Learning screens-Rapid Rounders-Speech marks and commas.

After watching the video please use the sheet below and add the speech marks and commas. Remember you can copy this into your exercise book.

For your main activity today, please use the power point below to read the story- Jack and the Jelly Beanstalk

Which story did this remind you of?

Stories like these are called 'Traditional tales with a Twist'.

If you enjoyed reading it, below are some more 'TwistedTales' you can watch at your leisure