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The Tunnel


LO-Compose a story with an alternate setting

Yesterday you planned a story with an alternate setting and identified the main parts. Today I would like you to expand on this and write the complete story in the work book provided with a clear beginning, middle and end. In each section, remember to include:


-Identify where the story is set and who the main characters are.

-What are the main characters like? What do they like to do?


-How does Jack find the tunnel? How does Rose feel about it?

-Describe Rose's journey through the tunnel. Include adjectives, senses, similes, openers etc.


-What does Rose see at the end of the tunnel?

-Describe what Rose sees as she explores the new setting.


-What has happened to Jack?

-Does Rose say anything to Jack? (Remember the rules around adding speech to your writing)


-How does Rose save Jack?

-How does their relationship change now?


In your pack, we have provided a success criteria with all the features that should be included in a year 2 piece of writing. Please tick off the features you use when you include them in your writing.