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Today write the inside of your Easter card. Talk to your child about what we write inside a card. How do we know who the card is to? Who it is from? Why they are sending it? Depending on what your child feels confident doing...


... either talk to your child as you write the message in the card. See if they can hear the first sound in the word and talk them through the sounds you are writing... and then get your child to write their name on the bottom of the card. This could be through copying or tracing. 


... you could write the information on another piece of paper for your child to copy and then get them to write their name independently at the bottom. 


Picture 1
Encourage your child to hold the pencil with a tripod grip (shown below) but don't worry if they fall back in to holding the pencil with their whole hand. It will come in time. 
Picture 1