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Key members of staff

All staff are important and they all add value to our school. You will become very familiar with your child's Class Teacher and Learning Support Assistant as soon as your child starts school in September. Alongside these 2 key members of staff, we also have a core group of adults who have key roles and responsibilities for all the children in school. The following adults will also become familiar faces to you. 


Mrs Davenport is the Deputyhead teacher at the school. Mrs Davenport is the Designated Safeguarding Lead at the school and she also manages the day to day operational duties in the absence of the Executive Headteacher. Both the Executive Headteacher and Deputyhead teacher work very closely on all matters relating to the children, learning and teaching and the community as a whole. 



Mrs Thomas is our Pastoral Care Worker. Mrs Thomas's core duties include parental liaison, transition, school readiness, attendance and medical needs and care plans. Mrs Thomas works closely with parents and offers support is accessing a wide range of external agencies. Mrs Thomas is also an Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead. 



Miss Wildes is the Assistant Headteacher. Miss Wildes works closely with the Executive Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher on learning and teaching, pupil wellbeing and safety. 





Miss Reitze is the school SENCo, you can find out much more about her role in the SEND section on this page