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Look at the video together to help learn some doubles facts. It is not necessary for your child to remember these by heart, but exposure to the facts will help some children begin to do so.


Today’s activity will be done in exactly the same way as yesterday’s in most ways. The difference today is that I would like you to direct your child to put a given quantity of items in front of the mirror, and find the double (e.g. You might say “Put 3 in front of the mirror. Now what is double 3? Count them all, even the reflections. Say it with me, double 3 is 6.” Etc.)


You could further challenge your child to record their own calculations on paper (e.g. 3 + 3 = 6), or you could write the operations for them and let them fill in the numbers (e.g. ? + ? = ?).  


See the below picture for clarification.

Picture 1