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LO:Solve problems involving fractions


This week we have been learning about fractions. Play the game on the link below and set the timer to 1minute. Can you beat your score?

Today we are going to solve problems using fractions. Let’s look at a problem together:


Sarah has 20 strawberries. She ate ¼ of them on the way home from the shops. How many does she have left?


First we have to work out what ¼ of 20 is. To do this, I can draw four circles, and share 20 dots into them. There are 5 dots in each circle. So ¼ of 20 = 5. If Sarah ate 5 of the 20 strawberries, how many are left? To work this out we have to subtract. 20-5=15

So Sarah has 15 strawberries left.


Complete the word problems below in your home learning book.