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Good morning!

This week in maths we are exploring fractions.

Discuss with your adult what a fraction is?

A fraction is a part of an object or an amount.


Our learning objective for today is

L.O. Explore finding half of a shape.

Activity – Find some objects you can draw around in your house. This could be a small book to make a square or rectangle, cup and plate to make a circle. See if you find any unusual shapes.

Now see if you can find half of the shapes you have drawn.


Remember – you should have 2 equal pieces.  



At dinnertime or teatime, have a look what your adult has prepared for you.  If it’s a sandwich, can you find half of it? If you are having fishfingers – can you cut it into half?


Extra activity – purplemash- Fraction wall. You should find it in your 2do folder.

This game can be played on phones and tablets – use the arrows on the screen to direct the bricks.