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L.O. Find a quarter of an amount.


So we know that a quarter of a shape is one piece of the shape when it has been split equally into 4 pieces. 


Today we are going to find one quarter of an amount.

Look at how this might look in the diagram we used earlier in the week.

Write down these numbers onto small pieces of paper and turn them over on a table; 4,8,12,16,20,24,28.

Choose a number and select this amount of objects; pencils, pieces of pasta, crayons,

Now share your objects into 4 groups.

Is each group equal?

How many are in one of the groups?


You could write it into your book using the bar model (like bricks) above or you can write it as

A quarter of 8 is 2.



Extra activity – Education city. Share it out.

It should be on ‘My city’ under homework and this weeks date.