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Starter – Count forwards and backwards in 2’s using a singing voice!

Next count forwards and backwards in 5’s to 50 in a giants voice!

Finally count forwards and backwards to 100 in 10’s using a squeaky voice!


L.O. Explore the properties of 3d shapes.

Remember what each of these terms mean.

Using your knowledge of 2d and 3d shapes we would like you to design a bird house.

Which shapes do you think would be best to use? Why do you think this?


Sketch out your design for your bird house. Label each of the shapes you will need.


Next, think about the properties of those shapes. For example a cylinder shape for the base of the bird house may mean it rolls away as it has a curved face but a cube would stay in one place as it has 6 flat faces.

Write sentences to explain why you have chosen to use these shapes.

Play this 3d shape quiz. Can you guess the shape from the clues?