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Monday 29.6.20

Good Morning Superstars!


I hope you are all well and enjoying being at home. We all miss you so much!



Today for your starter I would like you to read and write some of your key words. All of the key words are attached. See if your adult will quiz you on how to spell them!


L.O Identify the features of Non-chronological report

This week we are starting a new genre of ‘Non –chronological reports’. Today your task is to find out what a non -chronological report is and what makes a ‘good’ chronological report. I have attached a powerpoint for you to look through with your adult that explains what a non-chronological report is. I have also attached examples of different non –chronological reports. What do they all have in common?




In phonics today you are going to using the phase 5 phonics mat (which is attached) can you recognise each sound? If your adult points to random sounds do you know them?


I would then like you to write a word for each sound. Make sure your handwriting is beautiful.