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Old and New Toys

During our topic on Toys, Mrs Milwain brought us some very special toys to look at.

Mrs Milwain showed us her precious dolly from when she was a little girl, the dolly's name is Barbara. 

We thought about questions to ask Mrs Milwain about her dolly and what it was made from. 



Mrs Milwain and Barbara.

Mrs Milwain and Barbara. 1

Mrs Milwain also brought us a selection of toys which she has kept safe for many years. 

Mrs Milwain's toys.

Mrs Milwain's toys. 1 Mrs Milwain showed us how to play Tiddy Winks!
Mrs Milwain's toys. 2 A jigsaw which helped her learn to read.
Mrs Milwain's toys. 3 Books which she could only read on a Sunday.