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We have been learning all about ourselves this half term. 

We have learnt how to:

Be good friends

Discover what makes us individual

Recognise our own names

Learn some familiar nursery rhymes

Use our senses  to explore the environment

Control our emotions

Share with our friends about our family and what we like and don't like!


We started the topic of 'Ourselves' by learning about our bodies. We sang ' Head, shoulders, knees and toes' to help us recognise the names of parts of our bodies. 

We created our own stick men drawings using straight and curved lines! 

Here are some of our amazing stick men!

We also learnt about our skeleton. We met Simon the skeleton and explored all the different bones he had. We then used earbuds and white paint to create some new friends for Simon. 

This week we are exploring our senses. So far we have explored our sense of touch. We explored the field to find different objects and describe how they felt. We had words such as bumpy, hard, wet and soft to describe the different things the children found on the field.