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In the last two weeks you have learned about different types of habitats and this week we are learning about Microhabitats. First of all, read the PowerPoint to find out more about microhabitats.



If able to go outside, go on a microhabitat hunt and see if you can find any. If you find some, record what animals/minibeasts you find. Think about how to describe the conditions of the microhabitat, is it dry/wet, dark/light? Make sure you put any logs/stones/leave back so that the animals habitat is replaced and they continue to have shelter. 
Then in your books, draw a picture or write a recount of what you saw and found. Use the identification chart below to help you identify any animals you are unsure of. 

*Challenge* Can you find every minibeast from the identification chart? How many of each one did you find?


If unable to go outside, please watch the video of a microhabitat hunt in the garden and then follow the same instructions as above. 


Good luck! 

Microhabitats Video

Still image for this video
If you are unable to find any microhabitats, can't get outside, or just want ideas, then watch this video in Mrs Spence's garden where some examples can be seen.