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L.O Identify and understand the importance of the role of the Imam


Last week I asked you to answer some questions regarding the importance of prayer and how it was done. I then gave you an example of a prayer mat and asked you to create your own! I hope you enjoyed that! I also asked you to watch a clip, I hope you found this interesting because I did!

First I would just like you to get a clean piece of paper and write down all the things you’ve learnt already about Islam. Learning about others cultures and beliefs is so beautiful!

Next we are going to learn about the Imam…. But what/who is it?

“An imam (Arabic: إمام; Persian: امام) is an Islamic leader, often the leader of a mosque and/or community. Similarly to spiritual leaders, the imam is the person who leads the prayer during Islamic gatherings. More often the community turn to the mosque imam, if they have an Islamic question.”

I now want you to watch this clip of a cartoon about a fisherman catching fish for his family. I want you to think about the kids things Abu Nasir (The fisherman) did for other people and what the role of the Imam was.

The Story of the Fisherman