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Science- Plants


L.O: Understand how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants


Last week you looked at what a plant needs in order to grow and stay healthy. Tell your adult what a plant needs and why it needs it. Today we are going to look at seeds and bulbs and how they grow into plants. What do you already know about seeds and bulbs?


Read through the PowerPoint to find out more about seeds and bulbs.

Watch the two videos below to see the how a seed and a bulb grows into a mature plant:

How a seed grows

Kidney bean time lapse with soil cross section. Showing how roots ant upper part of plant grows.

How a bulb grows

Full life cycle of red Tulips growing for 3 month, you can see few plants growing around these beautiful flowers #tulips

Freddie hasn't seen the videos and wants to find out how seeds and bulbs grow. Write a description of how a seed and bulb grow. Think about the order in how they both grow.


Look at the pictures of our class plants after 14 days. Write down your observations 


Plant one: Has been watered and has light

Plant 2: Has water but no light
Plant 3: has light but no water