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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

This term we have been learning about structures, we have explored skyscrapers, towers and bridges around the world. We have identified the features and what we like/don't like about them. When we visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park we had the opportunity to observe a variety of different structures.


In the morning we had the opportunity to observe the different structures around the park. We learned interesting facts about each structure. We discovered which materials they were made from and how the artists had made them. We did some observational drawings of some of the structures in the park and made mini structures. Our challenge was to see if we could keep them balanced.


We spent the afternoon in the secret garden making our own structures. We used all the knowledge we had from the morning to build our own structures in small teams. We used natural resources and junk modelling to create our amazing structures. We were really pleased with what our structures looked like and we all had different ideas as to what the purpose of our structures were. A group of children made a bird house, another group made a rocket that made a noise and another group made a bridge for the animals to use. See if you can spot the purpose of our structures!