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Art Day!

The children have enjoyed exploring the artist Jackson Pollock. We experimented with different ways of splattering, splashing and printing the paint. We used the outdoors to give the children an opportunity to really explore with flicking the paint. They used gross and fine motor skills to control the brush and paint to create some fantastic splatting effects. 


We kicked off our topic of countries with a Wold Cup day. We looked at some of the different countries that were competing in the world cup. We made flags, learnt songs, danced and tried foods from different countries. We took part in a mini world cup and we played for the country we had been learning about all day! We were fantastic and worked as a team brilliantly. 

Our topic this half term has been 'Minibeasts'. This week we read the story 'Superworm'. Later that week superworm wrote to us asking for us to help the minibeasts on the field. We planted some flowers and we used the natural materials on the field to create some minibeast houses. 

Exploring the snow!

Today we went on to the field to explore the snow. We were very surprised to find some footprints in the snow. We thought it might have been Mr Fox who had come to visit is. We followed the footprints to see how he had got onto our little field. 

When we went on to the big field we realised there were footprints everywhere!

The children went off to investigate and discussed where they thought they had come from. 

'Cows have big footprints, maybe he came to our school' Lola

'It was a dinosaur' Alex

'I've found a clue' Olivia

'I think they are ghost footprints and i am going to catch it and give it to my pet' Grayson


The Caterpillars have been investigating the changes on our field. We noticed that there were lots of leaves blowing around on the grass. We discussed why we thought that was.

'' Some leaves fall down and that's part of Autumn''



''It starts to get darker''



We used the colour palettes to match the different coloured leaves.


As part of our topic 'Ourselves' we looked at how we can keep ourselves healthy. We created a healthy mixed berry salad. We used our own field to collect the blackberries for our salad.


We searched for the numbered leaves and had to identify what each number was. 

Ribbon writing to practise forming our numbers. 


We looked at the story 'Leaf man' and then we created our very own leaf man using the autumn leaves.