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Continue your TT Rockstars journey.  Good luck!



Use the link below to go to Nrich maths website.

Explore turning the man through one quarter turns.  See if you can turn a toy in the same way as the man.


Log into education city and complete the Creatures of habitat activity drawing on observation skills. Look in the my city section on the homepage, under classwork, or type the title into the search bar.  .



Log into education city and play the Going overboard activity.  I have assigned it to you in the My City section - .

This is the My City section in Education City where I have set the learning.


Use this link to go to Purplemash.  Your log in details are in your folder.

If you go to 2do, you should see a task called Growing Plants.  Click on this to start.  If it’s not there please type the title into the search bar.