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L.O. Make and test hypotheses as to whether objects will float or sink. 


Today we are going to explore floating and sinking.

We know that some objects float in water, whilst others sink. Shortly, I will ask you to hypothesis about whether objects will float or sink, and explain why you think this.


You could watch the video below to see an example of how to make and test hypotheses:




Sesame Street Sink or Float

Firstly, find 6 objects from around the house that you think could float or sink. You will also need a deep tub or bowl of water. You could even use a sink or bath tub.


Before testing one of your chosen objects, think about what you expect will happen. Will it float or sink? Why? We call this our ‘hypothesis’. You could write down what you think might happen to the items you test, or even draw it floating or sinking before you test it. Once you have made your hypothesis, put it in the water to test and observe what happens. Was your hypothesis correct?  Repeat this until you have tested all the items.


Which objects sank? Why do you think this happened? Which floated? Why?


If you would like to extend this learning you could record your findings. Here are some examples of how you could do this below: