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We pride ourself on the fact that the vast majority of our children come to school every day and on time, that they have outstanding behaviour and that they take advantage of all the school has to offer them. Although our current  attendance figure is 96 % which is HIGH, we recognise that we have the capacity to improve further and are striving to have outstanding attendance overall. 

Our attendance figures are produced, evaluated and monitored regularly, working in-line with Ofsted expectations which are as follows:

*100 %                    = Outstanding
*96% and above  = High 
*95.1% to 96%      = Above average
*94% to 95.1%      = Average
*Below 94%          = Low/poor - a cause for concern

Our attendance figures for the summer term 2021 was as follows:
Nursery          94.9% 

Reception      95.2% Above average
Year 1             95.9% Above average
Year 2            96.3% High


Our overall figure for 2019-2020 was 94.9%

We expect that almost all our children will attend school at least 95% of the time. We recognise that some children have specific medical problems and their parents are working with us to try to ensure their absences have the least impact as possible on their child’s educational achievement. 

We currently monitor all children who have fallen below 95% by reviewing their attendance on a week to week basis. If a child’s attendance drops below 95% and doesn’t improve we will send out our standard letter raising their attendance as a concern and offering support in how it can be improved. If we don’t see an improvement and it continues to decline we will be left with no option, other than to let the Education Welfare Service (EWS) manage the attendance and fixed penalty fines will be issued. If absences amount to 10 or more sessions (5 school days), continuous or aggregated a fine of £60 per parent per child will be issued by the EWS. 

To encourage good attendance, we will continue to give termly rewards to the children.  We know that regular school attendance is crucial to sound educational attainment  and we  hope that you will be supportive of the school in our efforts to improve it.


For further information you can read the school policy on our protocols for improving attendance for all our pupils...
For further information on how Oldham Council issues penalty notices, click the link below...