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This half term we have been learning about the Great Plague of 1665. As part of our topic we designed and made our own 'rat catchers.' Take a look at our fantastic mechanisms...

Spring 1

This half term we have been studying Geography and been learning about Africa. We have learnt about where Africa is and located on a map. We have learnt about daily life, the weather and what animals live there. We have also learnt about the importance of water. In some parts of Africa there is not always easy access to water. Some children have to walk 4 miles each way to access water. To understand how far 4 miles is Starlings walked half a mile which was 11 laps of the playground. We worked out that 4 miles is the same as 88 laps of our playground!


In art we looked at 3D sculptures and explored African masks. We made the masks with clay and used different scultping techniques to make the maskes. Have a look at our African masks based on the Teke, Dan and Senefu masks.